Who we are?

Free Syria Lyon aka FSL
FSL is a humanitarian association and a citizens’ reaction to the fierce repression of the actual government.
The purposes of the association Free Syria Lyon are:
1. Make available a place where French people and the Syrian community and all the members or
supporters of the association can welcome, meet, exchange, be united and friendly.
2. Introduce the Syrian culture and civilisation under different aspects and promote exchanges between
French and Syrian cultures. In order to do this, F.S.L also organizes conferences, exhibitions, special
nights and film screening…
3. Inform and raise awareness among the people, the donors of the association and the different
institutions which support determines F.S.L actions about suffering situations which we are facing.
4. Support Syrian refugees during their stay in France and Syrian students which grants were cut
because of their political opinions. Within this scope, F.S.L works with all the institutional actors in
France and abroad (administrative centers, diplomatic and consular posts) in order to allow:
o The welcome and counselling, the management of administrative procedures, the management of the
national reception arrangements for asylum seekers and the management in providing assistance for
their repatriation.
o The care and specific support for isolated Syrian minors.
o The accommodation: in the emergency reception facilities, transit centers or shelters for asylum
seekers, by private lessor and foster families.
o People who are accommodated in these different facilities receive a legal support as well as a support
for administrative procedures (accommodation, open a bank account, health coverage, etc.).
o The association has a program to support social and cultural integration of Syrian immigrants (cultural
and educational activities; civic training, French lessons).
5. To assist refugees and displaced persons in distress: excluded from health care, victims of a natural
disaster, victim of belligerency or other forms of violence, epidemics or endemic diseases in Syria and
all over the world.
o Prepare and respond to emergencies « food safety and livelihood »: we provide an emergency aid
necessary to survive: clean water, sanitation, medical supplies, shelters, tents. As well as others
emergency goods like blankets, sleeping mats, jerrycans, household goods and food.
o We are focused on the wealth of children which life is suddenly troubled: psychological support, return
to school (organizing classes, provision of school kits) and securing spaces for children in refugees’
o Carry out aid projects for development, ask for the support of the public and mobilize resources in
favor of these projects. The population contributes to convey a message:
o HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: •Primary and secondary education and training of the population •Health,
care, medicine, social sectors, improvement of hygiene •Long-term rehabilitation
o SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: •Water and sanitation •Food safety, fight hunger and acute
malnutrition within this population.
o INFRASTRUCTURES AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT: •Infrastructures: warehouses, hospitals,
schools, camps and well.
6. Gather, without discrimination and exclusiveness, doctors, health professionals but also all the people
likely to help the association with their knowledge, skills and usefulness to the missions. Find all the
international and national cooperation allowing to its members to fulfill their mission in parts of the
world where they can be present.
7. F.S.L works to ensure respect, defense and promotion of the human rights.